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Compostable K-cups? Yes, please!

Environmentally-friendly k-cups that are cheaper, and the coffee is delicious!

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One of the major themes of this blog is wasting less. But it’s also one of the themes I’ve spent the least time on. Today that changes. This post is also going to be a bit different because it’s devoted to one specific product. I was not paid to endorse this product; it’s just that I’ve completely fallen in love with it and want to tell everyone about it? What is this magical product?

It’s coffee. Specifically, more environmentally-friendly k-cups.

I’ve talked a lot about coffee before. I give my Keurig a work out every single day. At home, I use reusable filters that I fill with my own ground coffee. I love these because it eliminates the plastic waste of regular disposable k-cups. But at work I was still using the regular plastic k-cups that would go into the trash every day.

We know single pod coffee generates a lot of plastic, most of which goes into landfills. Estimates vary, but a common statistic I found during my research is that in 2014, enough k-cups were sold to circle the Earth 10.5 times. Pods are notoriously difficult to recycle. First you have to disassemble them into their various components, and then you have to find a facility that will accept those parts (apparently, the plastic is #7, which only a few centers in Canada accept. However, Keurig is starting to transition their k-cups over to plastics that are more widely accepted at recycling centers). In any case, most people I know aren’t going to painstakingly deconstruct their pods and find their proper recycling facility.

I was growing increasingly uneasy about the amount of waste I was generating with my coffee habit. Fortunately, my sister told me about San Francisco Bay OneCup, which created a much more environmentally-friendly coffee pod. Replacing the plastic pod is a mesh net, the lid is made of wood pulp, and the ring is made of corn. The bags the pods come in are compostable (industrial only though. They’re not suitable for home compost). Overall, 97 percent of the cup (by weight) is industrial compostable (not as great as home compostable, but I would argue this is a far better alternative to the completely non-compostable plastic!).

I figured there would be a hefty surcharge for this but I was pleasantly surprised that I saved more than thirty cents PER pod over my usual k-cup vendor. That’s a hefty savings! And most importantly, the coffee is delicious (the French roast is my favorite). I am ALMOST excited to get to work just so I can make my coffee.

But that’s not all!

The Rogers Family Coffee, parent of the San Francisco Bay Gourmet Coffee, isn’t just focused on environmental sustainability. They’re one of those great companies that are truly doing a lot of good in the world. From donating tons of coffee to the armed forces, to supporting their local farmers, and extending that support to the families of farmers, this company is making a wonderful positive impact, while also making great coffee. If that doesn’t make you feel warm and squishy inside, I don’t know what will!

San Francisco Bay OneCup is a product I feel good about, and enjoy. I am rarely all warm and fuzzy about a product but they have totally won me over. I hope you give it a try and enjoy it as much as I do!

Compostable K-cups: Environmentally friendly, cheaper, and delicious!

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