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8 Creative Easter Baskets to Wow Your
Little Ones!

Easter baskets can be more than a wooden basket, grass, and chocolate bunnies! To help you save time I've put together 8 creative Easter basket ideas that will delight your kids on Easter morning. #Easter #easterbasket

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Growing up, my parents always came up with great ideas for Easter baskets (alright, let’s be honest, it was probably all my mom). They always tailored the baskets to my interests. For example, when my sister and I were budding stage hands, our Easter baskets were tool boxes filled with a couple of tools and candy. When I was younger, my basket was a pajama pocket stuffed animal filled with goodies. Every year I looked forward to Easter morning to see what they came up with.

For my little guys, so far we’ve only done traditional baskets. But as they get a bit older, I am looking forward to developing creative Easter baskets for them as well. With a little thought you can put together your own unique baskets for the young ones in your life. I’ve put together eight ideas to help you save time and get the creative juices flowing.

I tried to provide several ideas within each basket to give you a lot of options. You should tailor your basket based on the recipient’s age, as well as your budget. Throw in a bit of Easter grass and candy to finish it off, and you’re done! Happy Easter!

Budding Gardener

What better for Easter than a basket full of things to get your youngster ready for spring? You can buy kids’ gardening kits, or buy individual tools like small shovels and trowels. Also consider a water can and seeds, and arrange everything in a planting pot.

Sous Chef

Do you have a kid that loves to cook? Foster that love with items to help them create delicious concoctions such as muffin tins, a whisk, cookie cutters, a rolling pin, and a kid’s cookbook. Also consider adding something to get them in the kitchen right away, like cake or brownie mix.

If you have enough time and want to splurge just a little bit, these personalized aprons are adorable! We got my son one for Christmas a few years ago and he loves it!

Put everything in a mixing bowl and you’ve provided your little chef with future hours of fun in the kitchen.

Springtime Fun

With the weather starting to improve and the days staying light longer, chances are your kids are clamoring to get outside and play. Encourage their outdoor play with bubbles, sidewalk chalk, a jump rope, balls, a baseball glove, and water guns or water balloons. Pile everything together in a toy wagon, throw in some candy, and your kids will be ready to go!

 (note this is a toy wagon, not kid sized!)

Junior Explorer

If you’re an outdoorsy family this Easter basket is for you! Get your little hikers ready for all of their adventures with a magnifying glass, binoculars, water bottle, nature identification book, local hiking book/map, and a pencil and notepad for drawing their nature observations. Pack everything in a mini backpack and your explorer will be ready to make new discoveries!

Actually, I just found this fun outdoor pack that includes everything you need! Add a chocolate Easter bunny and you’re done!

Beach Ready

Live near the beach, or visit one often? This Easter basket will get your beach bums ready for warmer weather. Ideas for this basket include sand toys, a swim suit, towel, sunscreen, beach ball, kite, frisbee, and a hat. Put everything in a sand bucket and you may be planning a beach trip before you know it!

Future Picasso

What kid doesn’t like to do art projects? Foster that love by supplying paint and paint brushes, markers, colored pencils, a smock, and a doodle pad, in a caddy.


Raid the dollar store or your local craft store to let your crafter’s imagination run wild. Popsicle sticks, pompoms, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, glue, glitter, construction paper, scissors, yarn, in a tote bag. Add some fabric markers and the first project can be decorating the tote bag!

Girly Girl

Hair accessories, nail polish, makeup, lotions, in a caboodle (Yes, girls of the 80s…caboodles are BACK!!!)

Do you do nontraditional Easter baskets for the little ones in your life? What did you do? What was the best Easter basket you ever received? Drop a line in the comments below! Happy Easter to all who celebrate!

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