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The Best Ice Cream Scoop

My pick for the best #icecream scoop, and a lesson why quality doesn't have to be expensive, but cheap never goes far. #frugal #savemoney

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This post is going to be rather short and ranty. I’ll do that on occasion. And it’s absolutely ridiculous because I’m irate over an ice cream scoop. Yes, an ice cream scoop.

You see, the finish on our ice cream scoop was getting worn and cracked. I was trying to finish up my Christmas shopping and a shiny, chrome ice cream scoop caught my eye. I plopped it in my cart and had a stocking stuffer for my husband checked off my list. Nice right? I thought so too.

Now, full disclosure, we go through a good amount of ice cream in our house. But despite that, I didn’t expect my ice cream scoop to look like this within six weeks:

Chrome ice cream scoop that started rusting 6 weeks after use. This is why we focus on quality at

See how it’s already chipping? Within the chipping is rust. Rust. On my ice cream scoop. That I bought less than two months ago. Ridiculous.

In a fit of passion I went online to find a new ice cream scoop that wouldn’t chip like the hunk of junk I bought. I set out on my quest to find the best ice cream scoop.

What Makes an Ice Cream Scoop the Best?

I consider myself a bit of an expert on ice cream scoops. For six months in college, I worked in our campus creamery. I scooped hundreds of dishes and cones of ice cream every week. Heck, on a football Saturday I probably did that much in a day.

So I have a lot of experience with ice cream scoops, and for me, the best ice cream scoop is pretty simple:

  • The scoop has to be stainless steel. I was not going to deal with this chrome plated garbage that rusts again!
  • It needs to be heavy for its size. A scoop with some weight behind it cuts through hard ice cream easier, making it easier to scoop.
  • The handle needs to have a comfortable no-slip grip.
  • It doesn’t need a lot of whiz bangs. A lot of scoops out there have trigger releases, antifreeze coatings to prevent sticking, and a bunch of other stuff that is unnecessary. In my mind, simple is often better.
  • It needs to be dishwasher safe because there is no way an ice cream scoop can be the best ice cream scoop if I have to waste my time hand washing it.
  • It has to be less than $25. An expensive scoop does not make it the best ice cream scoop.

And the Winner Is…

As much as I hate my old ice cream scoop, I love my new Oxo Good Grips Stainless Steel scoop. The tip is slightly pointed to help chisel into hard ice cream, and it has a good bit of weight to it so it’s easy to get a satisfyingly large scoop. The grip is comfortable and keeps your hand from freezing while you’re scooping. It’s also dishwasher safe, which was important to me because I’m lazy and can’t be bothered to hand wash anything unless absolutely necessary. And I think it was only a few bucks more than what I paid for the scoop that is now in my garbage can. I see many years of happy scooping in my future.

Why Are we Talking About the Best Ice Cream Scoop?

I’ve been a bit dramatic throughout this post, but in all seriousness, it really is a perfect example of why I started this blog in the first place. Had I spent a couple of extra bucks to buy a decent stainless steel scoop initially, I would be about $12 richer. Sure, it’s only $12 but I’m a firm believer that every bit counts. $12 is four subway rides to get to and from the train station to my office. $12 is the price of one of the toys I’m buying for my son’s birthday. It’s only $12, but I’d rather the $12 be put to good use, rather than sitting at the bottom of my garbage can.

Once again, this proves that buying quality over cheap saves money in the long run.

Deal of the Day

Speaking of ice cream, did you know you can save on ice cream (and other groceries) through rebate apps like ibotta? Ibotta is a super-simple app that will offer you cash back on groceries. You find the stores you like to shop at and then browse the rebates available. I just added a 50 cent rebate for klondike bars to my cart. Yum! Once you purchase the item, you scan the barcode and take a picture of the receipt and your account is credited.

My concern with these kinds of apps has always been that I don’t buy a lot of processed foods that I assumed would have the rebates. I’ve only been using ibotta for a couple of shopping trips so far and have earned a few bucks, most of which came from purchases of bread, milk, and bananas. Even better, they offer a sweet referral bonus, so if you use this link and cash in your first rebate, you’ll get a bonus $10! Happy shopping!

Until next time…

Don't buy a cheap ice cream scoop. Get a good stainless steel scoop.




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