Under $25 Gift Guides

Best Gifts for Newlyweds: Under $25 Gift Guides

Gift ideas for newlyweds, all under $25, and all sure to please!

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Time for the next post in my series of Under $25 Gift Guides! Today I’ve compiled a list of gift ideas for newlyweds. If you’ve missed the others, check out the best gifts for coffee lovers and favorite baby and toddler books. Now, without further ado…

The Practical

Shop from their registry. A wedding registry is a great first stop for gift ideas for newlyweds. They picked out all of the items so it takes out the guess work for you, and most registries are active for at least twelve months after the wedding date.

If the only items left on their registry are the expensive china and crystal, consider getting the couple a gift card to the store. I know a lot of people think gift cards are impersonal, but chances are, the newlyweds received other gift cards as wedding gifts, and might be pooling them together to buy the expensive cookware or professional grade knives. Many registries offer completion discounts within the first few months of the wedding date. If your couple married recently, a gift card plus a completion discount can give them a lot of bang for their buck! Speaking of gift cards…

Give them a night out. Money is tight for a lot of newlyweds. Whether it’s because the couple is early in their career and not making much money yet, or because they paid for their wedding themselves, many newlyweds don’t have a lot of extra cash for entertainment. Help fund their date night by giving a gift card to their favorite restaurant, movie tickets, or something else they would enjoy together.

For the Home

 Sheets: Who doesn’t love a fresh new pair of sheets? I know what you’re probably thinking: a decent pair of sheets isn’t going to be under $25. I know I spent over $100 on my last pair of sheets. Which is why I was so excited when I found My Sweet Home 1500 Supreme Collection sheets. These sheets have 4.5 star review out of over 26,000 reviews. That pretty much has me sold. They are microfiber sheets and equivalent to 1500 thread count. Com-fy! And they come in over forty colors. I’ve added several to my wishlist and am hoping someone might give them to me this year!

 Hostess items: I think this Thanksgiving was the first time I hosted a party and I didn’t have to borrow items from my mother-in-law. Getting married often means hosting holidays and parties. If your couple wasn’t doing that beforehand, they’re probably going to need some serving items. Platters, water pitchers, candlesticks, and appetizer plates are just a few options to consider. But unless you know the couple’s style very well, I would suggest going for simple and elegant. White ceramics and glass go with anything else the couple might have and will be a stunning addition to any table setting.

Holiday Towels: When I got married, I had visions of my house looking like a home magazine: impeccably designed, stylish, and cozy. Was it ever? No. But one thing I did enjoy doing was decorating for all of the holidays. In a condo, often all I could do was switch out our regular hand towels for seasonal towels. However, that small thing made me feel like a more put-together adult. Help your newlyweds make their house a home by getting them set up for all of the holidays (seriously, you can get towels for Halloween, Thanksgiving,Valentines Day, and more!).

Couples’ Drinkware: One of our wedding gifts was a couples’ coffee mug set. Before kids, we would lounge in bed on weekend mornings sipping coffee (oh how I miss those days sometimes!). I always gravitated toward our special wedding mugs because they were just for us. Take your couple’s drink of choice (coffee, beer, spirits) and get them their own set of special drinkware.

Big Comfy Blanket: Who doesn’t love a big, soft blanket?! Several people have given us throw blankets over the years and I use them all. Keep your couple warm and cozy as they snuggle on the couch watching movies!

The Personal

Social Media Photo Album: Troll the couple’s social media accounts and grab all of the photos you can find from their engagement party, showers, bachelor/bachelorette party, and wedding. Print the photos or create a photobook for them. These photos are likely to be a bit more informal and candid than the professional photos they paid for. Places like Costco and Shutterfly.com are great places to create fun photobooks. Believe me, couples can’t get enough of their wedding pictures (even if they’re not newlyweds!).

Recipe book: For our first anniversary, my husband’s great aunt sent a card. In the card was a handwritten recipe for his grandmothers manicotti recipe. She had passed many years before, and I never had an opportunity to meet her. It may sound silly but it was really touching to have a tangible connection to a woman I had never met, but who was an important part of my husband’s life.

Chat with family members and compile favorite recipes, especially those used for holidays and special occasions. Then, type or write them up neatly on recipe cards and put them in a booklet. Just be sure this is a couple’s gift and not a gift to the woman; this is the twenty-first century after all!

First Christmas Wine: Buy a bottle of your favorite wine, or the couple’s favorite wine, and make a personalized label celebrating their first Christmas together.

There you have it – my list of best frugal gifts for newlyweds! Do you have other suggestions? Did you receive something as a newlywed that you really enjoyed, or did you think of something creative to give to a newly married couple? Drop a line in the comments field below!

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