I got the idea for this blog when I was upgrading from a condo to a single family home. I needed to buy a lot of stuff to maintain the house, and tempting though it was, I didn’t want to go out and buy whatever was cheapest. What I wanted were products that would last, even if they were more expensive at the outset. I figured by going for quality, I would ultimately come out ahead because I wouldn’t have to constantly replace the cheap crap I bought. So that’s where I am, that’s what the goal is, and that’s what I’ll be writing about.

The deets.

I live in the great state of NJ (seriously, it’s really not that bad!) with my husband and two young sons. I work at a nonprofit in Manhattan, and then blog at night. Although I’ve only recently started blogging about this “spending to save” idea, it’s something my husband and I have been doing for years. We were always the kind of people that would prefer to save for what we really wanted, rather than buying something cheap just to have.

So who am I, really?

Good question! I’ll let you know when I figure that out! Here’s what I do know: I am someone who…

  • Believes that quality is always better than quantity
  • Draws on the power of community to learn about new products and services (seriously, I don’t think I ever buy anything on Amazon without reading the reviews first!)
  • Loves being a resource for others and sharing my successes (and mistakes!)
  • Wants to learn from others

And I like ice cream. If you can get on board with all of that, we’ll get along great. I hope you’ll join me on this little adventure and share with me what your tricks and tips for “spending to save” too!

For even more ideas to save money, be sure to check out my Pinterest page where I’ve cultivated thousands of money saving ideas, and follow me on Twitter! I’ve also put together a resource page that consolidates all of the great money saving tips I share throughout my posts. Check it out!